Yoga and Cultural Appropriation

Roopa Singh

Podcast featuring Beth Berila and Roopa Singh

Roopa Singh talks about authenticity, cultural appropriation, and commercialization in yoga. Whereas many people in the West invoke the definition of yoga as union, Roopa reminds us that it also means liberation, both individually and collectively. In this insightful conversation, she raises questions about yoga, safety, visibility, and who is present and absent in most Western yoga spaces.<More...>


Yoga As A Tool For Social Change

sabrina_s_bioPodcast featuring Beth Berila and Sabrina Strings

Dr. Sabrina Strings discusses some of the barriers for why many mainstream yoga spaces are alienating for women of color. In this podcast, she discusses what needs to change in order for yoga spaces to become more inclusive and welcoming to diverse communities.<More...>


Yoga and reframing the challenges of being differently-abled

elaprofPodcast featuring Beth Berila and Ela Wojtowicz

Ela Wojtowicz discusses how yoga has helped her reframe and accept her challenges of being differently-abled and inspired her to become a yoga teacher in order to make yoga more accessible to people of all abilities.<More...>


A Discussion of  Yoga, Politics, and Body Image

Carol Horton 2Podcast featuring Dianne Bondy and Dr. Carol Horton

Join author, educator, activist and professor Dr. Carol Horton as she discusses the changing image and the political animal that yoga has become. Dr. Horton speaks about an evolution of yoga past commercialism to the beginnings of a grass roots movement towards social and political change.<More...>


Radical Acceptance and Welcoming

Teo Drake

Podcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Teo Drake

Teo Drake talks about making the world as we know it more welcoming to those on the margins. He discusses transforming  and creating a safe space for people who are different or more marginalized then ourselves to transform and feel safe.<More...>


Yoga and Advocacy for Disability Rights with Carrie Barrepski

Carrie_Barrepski_PartnerPodcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Carrie Barrepski

Carrie Barrepski talks about changing the stereotype of the “yoga body” and assumptions about disability in the Western yoga world.<More...>


Yoga and the Aging Body

Linda Sparrowe

Podcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Linda Sparrowe

Linda Sparrowe sees yoga as “a companion for life.” It can help us be present and kind with ourselves in the inevitable and vibrant journey of aging.<More...>


How to Create "Me Time"

Dana A. Smith

Podcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Dana A. Smith

Dana Smith offers several practical tips for creating and sustaining a home yoga practice.<More...>



Yoga, Body Image and Disordered Eating

Hala Khouri

Podcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Hala Khouri

Hala Khouri describes how eating is so often connected to shame in U.S. culture and offers signposts for listeners to more kindly relate to our bodies. <More...>


Feminism and Yoga: What’s the Connection?

mel-heartPodcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Melanie Klein

This week’s YBIC podcast features Melanie Klein, Co-Founder of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Klein discusses her journey to feminism and yoga. <More...>


Yoga: A medium for communication and learning.

Chelsea Jackson

Podcast featuring Dr. Beth Berila and Chelsea Jackson

Dr. Chelsea A. Jackson describes yoga as a reciprocal relationship between student and teacher, both in the yoga and in the K-12 classrooms. <More...>


Yoga is a way to get at the stories we hold in our bodies.

Kimberly Dark

Podcast featuring Dianne Bondy and Kimberly Dark

Kimberly Dark talks about how some people experience the language often used in yoga classes as demeaning rather than encouraging. <More...>




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